Thursday, October 18, 2012

Every Season

I have an affinity for Nicole Nordeman.  I also have an uncanny ability to make myself look like an idiot in front of her, but that is a tale for another day.  In truth she has often been the soundtrack to my walk with Christ.  Should I be surprised God would continue to use her with me?  Probably not.  

Recently my husband and I have had a lot thrown at us.  “A lot” seems so insufficient a phrase.  We are in a TOTAL season of change. All things are on the table.  Our marriage is changing.  Our family is changing.  Our ministry is changing.  Our hearts are changing. 

Nothing is as it was.

As I am not one to consider things circumstance, I know this time of change is not ill timed, but divinely inspired.  I long ago quit believing in happenstance.  I now believe in providence. 

It should not surprise me then that the other day, while driving, this song came on and overwhelmed me.

Admittedly cheesy video, fantastic song…

I pulled over, cried, and prayed.  

Yes, things are changing.  THINGS CHANGE.  It is the order of things this side of heaven.  Seasons come, and seasons go.  I know this, but I had momentarily forgotten one little detail. 

HE is the author of this season, and the creator of the next. 

He orchestrated this symphony, how could He not conduct it?

Often we lie to ourselves.  We convince ourselves that God is not an active and living God intimately involved with our messes.  We falsely believe He comes only when we need Him, when we can’t do it ourselves.  In truth He is there in every detail, in every season.

In the autumn I am often reminded that time passes and stops for no one.  The trees give up what is left in them, brilliantly putting on their best before they fall quiet for a season of rest. As one season ends preparations are being made for a new season. 

We too should embrace every season.  With all that we have we should show the full splendor of what was to glorify what is coming.