Sunday, May 13, 2012

Confessions of a Dying Mother

We snuggle before bedtime.  It’s a nice way to end our day as a little family, gathered in the bed for a story and prayer.  E always wants to hang on a little longer, delaying sleep as long as possible.  After snuggles are done and sleep starts calling, E will ask Jeff to carry her up to bed.  I am okay with this.  Why?  Her room is upstairs and I am lazy.

But tonight is different. 

E looks up at me, her blue eyes bigger than ever and says “Please mommy, carry me up.”

At this point I have two choices:
1: Hand my sweet, trusting, 4 year old daughter an excuse to be lazy OR

Yes, you read that right.  Die A Little. 

Every day as mommies we are faced with a myriad of choices.  Sometimes we choose poorly because we let our own selfish desires drown out the call of the tiny voices and hearts we have been entrusted with.  Our world actually encourages choosing our desires over the needs of others.


Hissing.   Those words come with a hiss. 

If we are honest we are looking for any way to justify the manicure, the shopping spree, the Starbucks run, the facebook binge, the Downton Abbey Marathon, the undone dishes, the unfolded laundry, the cook free night…..

Sometimes the only justification is our own gratification.  Not always, but sometimes.  I am not writing to condemn, but we ladies know the difference. We know our hearts.  You aren’t the only one afraid and unwilling to die a little.  I am too. 

Yet moms, let me tell you this, you will teach your children no greater lesson than how to die to yourself.   

Skipping the manicure and painting your daughters nails.  Wearing last years fashions to go puddle jumping with your kiddo.  Making coffee at home, skipping facebook, and cuddling with your hubby.  Doing the dishes, the laundry and cooking so frequently that your family takes it for granted because it NEVER GOES UNDONE. 

Dying each day to your own wants and desires, willingly.  This is not a martyrs death, it’s a servant’s. 

When you make sacrifices gracefully and regularly those around you don’t even know your dying to yourself to serve those you love.  After a while you forget too.  It becomes so much a part of who you are and what you do.  That is how Christ wants it.  He wants you to die to the things of this world to gain an abundant Heavenly life.

It’s a strange lesson, yet if we trace the cross we find this lesson there in its shadow.  Dying so that others may live.  As a mom you will have to do it everyday.  So let this be an encouragement to you.

Live life: Die A Little.