Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Love and Jealousy

Hooked on phonics worked for me.  I know that the technically Jealousy starts with a J, and often a capital one.  But here is the thing…

Jealousy starts with a big fat L.   

It starts with Love. 

Jealousy is an emotion you simply cannot feel unless you are madly, deeply, truly, and wholly in love with something.  You may have felt its petty counterpart, envy, but it shouldn’t be confused with jealousy. 

Envy is about DESIRE.  Jealousy is about LOVE. 
Envy is about THINGS.  Jealousy is about PEOPLE. 
Envy creeps into your heart, tempts with desire for the things you want but don’t have.   Jealousy is when the people you love are in love with something else.  You don’t want them.  You want their heart.  

I once heard Oprah say that should could never get behind the “Christian God” because she read in the Bible:

“For the Lord your God is a consuming Fire; a jealous God.” Deuteronomy 4:24

Should I really be surprised Oprah was wrong?  I mean, really?  We do have a jealous God, but why? 

He is jealous for me because He loves me. 

I am his beloved…

And he should be mine.  Too often though, if I am honest, he isn’t.  Many things steal my love from him, and because he is so madly, deeply, truly, and wholly in love with me, he is jealous.  Jealous that like a harlot I throw myself into the arms of another.  The one I lean into as he whispers into my ear.  Each of his words, each of his promises, comes with a hiss.     

He is Jealous, but not because He wants my blind allegiance.  He wants my Love in return.  And what Father, who has given everything for the child He loves, and I do mean everything, to the point of death, wouldn’t want that Love returned?  What loving father would be ok with his daughter sleeping around?

The lover of our souls doesn’t want anyone to get the attention we should be giving him.  So stop.   


  1. Girl -- your words have been quite powerful. I am praying!

    1. You are too sweet, Jodi! Thanks for the prayers-can't wait to see you next week!!