Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One at a Time


I think I have a disorder.  Seriously, since becoming a mom I have become a little OCD.  I have this list that I work through every day to keep the house in clean and I am terribly attentive to “the list”.  A friend of ours joked that our home never gets dirty.  I would beg to differ, but Jeff insists that Adrian Monk would feel at home with me. 

My organizational tendencies have invaded E’s toy box.  My poor kid.  Once E has about 4 or so toys out I make her put some up before she pulls out something else.  The other day E had dumped out a bunch of toys.  Just some odd figurines and such, but it made a big mess.  When E went to pull out her Batcave (yes, the BATCAVE) I intervened and told her she’d have to pick up the figures.  She huffed, but she started picking things up. 

I wasn’t going to help her just because I am a “you got it out, you put it up” kind of mommy. Besides, many good parents teach their children patience, perseverance, and fortitude to complete a task.  The process though was excruciatingly slow.   It would have been so easy to just do it myself, but E soldiered on.  She put the toys away.

One at a time.

A while later the task was done and E moved happily along to the Batcave for the next 30 minutes before naptime. 

Once E was in bed I came downstairs and started putting things in their place, one at a time, and because I am a thinker, I thought.

For some time now I have been struggling with weight loss.  I wish there was some way to emphasize “struggle”.  I know the rules.  I do the right things for a while, but I get discouraged.  Why?  Well, while some pounds have come off they have come off so

S L O W L Y.  One at a time…

I have prayed about it.  Sincerely and earnestly.  I am sure that my good Father is just trying to teach me patience, perseverance, and fortitude.  In a weird way watching E put her toys away was an answer to my prayer, specifically the one of whether or not the weight will ever come off.  That day it was like the Lord answered “Yeah kiddo, the pounds will come off….

One at a time.”

And He’ll be with me through every one of them. 

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