Monday, January 23, 2012

The Joy Dare

I had intended to give the journal away.  I shouldn’t say such things, but its true. What else would I do?  A limited income with Christmas around the corner and here, right in my lap was a gift set that could bless someone. 

It was fortuitous. 

So Christmas came and I made my list, but no one got the journal.  No one got the book.  Every time I thought “Go ahead, give it.” something stopped me. 

Then January came.

I stumbled quite accidently upon the Joy Dare.  I don’t know what led me that day to A Holy Experience, but I do know Who led me there.  Ann Voskamp’s challenge is quite simple.  365 days, 3 blessings recorded each day.  At the end of the year over 1000 simple gifts remembered and recorded. 


1000 gifts.  Have I been blessed that immensely?  I thought it worth the effort to see.

So I began the discipline of intentional JOY.  I willingly took the Joy Dare, willingly took the challenge to CHOOSE to SEE how I have been blessed.

It was then that I remembered the Journal.  The one I had been given, and had intended to give away.    And now I know why I couldn’t part with it.  It was given with a purpose. 

It was fortuitous. Providential.  Divine. 

This January I have counted many simple and sweet gifts.  I will write about some, and others will stay in  my journal, a sweet secret between me and my Savior.

Its not too late to start the Joy Dare.  You can read more about it here at Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience.

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