Monday, September 12, 2011


The tan lines are fading.


Last night, after what seemed like an endless Sunday for our family, I gave E a bath, and the scent of sand and sun washed down the drain with her shampoo.  Vacation is over and I have the unpacked luggage to prove it. 

This year vacation was highly coveted in our little family.  We have had a year full of good changes, but they too take a toll.   A week on the beach gave me some much needed time for personal reflection, and an opportunity to catch up on my frightfully neglected quiet times.

I dutifully finished my blog homework for 2 Teaching Mommies before we left, and the moment we entered the condo I shut off the outside world.  It was my retreat of silence, needed to collect my thoughts and sanity. 

My Blackberry died, and I let it.  The laptop sat neglected and collecting dust in a corner of our borrowed bedroom.  Facebook went an entire week without a status update.  Somehow I managed to go a whole week and not watch the news one time.  What’s most amazing is the world kept turning.

Instead I woke up each morning at 6, walked an empty beach overlooking the Atlantic, and spent time with my creator.  I walked with Paul, David, and Luke, meditating on the words they had written about the One who is always with me.  It was a sweet, sweet time. 

He restored my soul, just as the Psalmist said he would.

As I come back to the real world, complete with a to do list the length of a football field, I remind myself that my Lord and Savior doesn’t just meet me on the beach.  He will be there at my kitchen table each morning, eager to meet with me, and anxious to renew me with His word.