Monday, December 12, 2011


Joseph always seems to get the shaft in the Christmas story.  Have you noticed that?  We talk about the shepherds, the kings, and of course, Mary, but Joseph….he just kind of stands there.  Seriously, in all our nativities he always the same stance….

He looks down on Mary and Jesus like the 3rd wheel.  Like the one person on the outside of  an inside conversation. 

But I don’t think it was that way….

I see Joseph as an amazing testament of FAITH.  We sometimes take for granted that God chose Mary, but He also CHOSE Joseph. 

He chose a SET of parents for Jesus, not just a mom.   

He chose a man who was honest.  A man who loved his wife.  A man who trusted the Lord and would teach Jesus what he should know.  In the Jewish world it wasn’t Mary who would take Jesus to temple, it was Joseph, and God chose a man who would take that responsibility seriously.  It was Joseph who would teach Jesus how to make a living as a carpenter.

Joseph was chosen as a Earthly man worthy of raising the Son of God.   

I have no doubt that Joseph looked down at his newborn son with the pride, the awe, and the wonder of any new daddy.  There were probably several hours after the chaos of childbirth, and before the shepherds came.  I can just see Mary and Joseph holding their son and giggling with the naive excitement of all new parents.  I can see Joseph looking down at this baby, rubbing his rough fingers over the tiny new hands of his son, and allowing his heart to burst with the love he felt. 

This Christmas I hope you look at Joseph in a different way.  I hope you read the Christmas story and see Joseph as the loving, caring, honest, and Godly man that he was.   I hope you see him as the daddy God saw fit to raise His boy.

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