Monday, November 28, 2011

Savior and Lord

Have I ever told you that I LOVE Elisabeth Elliot?  Seriously.  I love her so much I named my kid after her.  Anyway, I have been reading through one of her books, A Path Through Suffering,  and tonight’s post comes courtesy of something I read.  Actually, the next couple of posts come from like three paragraphs of Ms. Elliot’s first chapter…

She is so amazing….

Anyway, she said this in her book: “About two or three years later (after her conversion to Christianity) I realized that He is not only Savior but Lord.” 

That’s it.  One simple sentence that sent me into a tailspin. 

I know He’s my Savior, but is He my Lord?? 

I looked up the definition of “lord”.  A lord is “one having power and authority over others” or “ a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due”.

DUDE.  I don’t know if you all like reading, but I am going to get deep, yo. 

He is our Lord.  We choose call Him that.  If we choose to call him our Lord, than we have to also give Him the authority and power OVER US.  Upon our salvation we are recognizing that we are no longer our own.  We no longer belong to ourselves. 


I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the definition of ‘lord’ constitutes one who “by hereditary right” is due “service and obedience”.  Jesus after all was the SON of God, earning Him the “hereditary right” from His Daddy to have our service and obedience.    

My question isn’t whether or not He deserves it, its whether or not I give it.  Do I submit fully, or do I rebel as a servant who is disobedient to the will of her master?  Really what has he asked of me that is so hard to bear? 

“Love me, with all your heart.  After that, love everyone else the same way you would want to be loved.”

That Love thing causes some discomfort.  Because I love Him I might have to deny some Earthly pleasures, and loving other people can be really hard because normally people are stupid, and I don’t love stupid. 

Yet I am commanded, by my Lord, whom I serve. 

So who are you serving?   

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