Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I was absolutely exhausted when I got home from Relevant.  Seriously wiped.  All the same, there was no rest for the weary until night two of my homecoming.  I turned into bed very early, and somewhere in the limbo between waking and sleeping I awoke to the house shaking and a horn blaring.  I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled “JESUS!!!”

I thought I was going home, y’all.  FOR REAL.  Alas, it was just a train. 


You may stop laughing. 

In that moment I was so ready to go to Heaven, probably because I truthfully feel  like I just don’t belong here.  Allow me to explain….

I read (operative word because we don’t have cable)  a LOT of news.  I am slightly addicted.  It seems that every time I pick up the computer I go right to a news site.  This is not a good habit.  The more I read, the worse the news seems to get. 

When you read a lot of bad stuff you start to have certain inclinations.  You look around at the world you live in and you wonder “What am I doing here?”

It shouldn’t surprise me that I feel out of place, because I don’t belong here. 

The world around holds nothing for me.  I like it, don’t get me wrong.  My little E is here, and so is my sweet husband, so I am quite contented to hang around for awhile.  All the same, I know I am not kept here because there is something else for me in it, I am kept here because He can use me somehow in it.

As a Christian I know that the more I become like Christ the less I am like the world (ideally).  It only makes sense that I would be anxious to get back to the one who made me.  Truly, I am now a visitor from a far country, waiting for the day I get to go back home.

One day I know that it won’t be a train whistle, and I seriously can’t wait for that day.