Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fancy Mysticism


I believed the Gospel in college.  I was raised in church, but  I didn’t really put anything I learned into practice.  You can imagine my surprise when Christ found me in the hallowed halls of university.  While the rest of my peers were being talked out of everything they believed, I was digging in to what I had already learned. My new found sense of purpose confused (and maybe still does) some of them.  One friend actually looked at me after my conversion, and dumbfounded said “Amber, you are smarter than that. You think too much to fall for that!”

Fall for what?  I believe I understand his concern.  Too often it seems that my faith and any realm of intelligence cannot align in the world’s view.  Thus, those in the world might deduce that if I am a person of faith that I also am a person lacking intelligence; that I am a fool.   


I don’t think so. Why?  Because I am a thinking girl who believes the gospel, and the thinking girl’s Gospel is pretty simple.  It’s just the Gospel. 

I’m a sinner.  Christ died in my place because He loves me.  I accept that gift of grace that was freely given and as a result one day  I will be in Heaven with Him. 

Its pretty straight forward, unlike calculus.  Take that smarty pants.

You see, the Gospel doesn’t change for the people….people change for the Gospel. 

My faith is a spiritual reality, something that is readily available at every turn and in every situation.  It is only when I deny that Gospel, or question tenants of it, that I become someone with nothing more than a pocket full of fanciful mysticism.  

A belief that makes me feel good, until of course it doesn’t.

The Gospel is not for sissies.  We are called to deny ourselves, take up our chance of  death, and follow someone who changed the world, but died doing it.  I can see why it might seem foolish to some.  You are charging hell with a water pistol and expecting to win. 

You have to be all in. 

I don’t worship a God who stays in my pocket to keep me company.  He is not my genie in a bottle who grants me parking spaces or gives me money. 

He is my LORD.

I want a LORD.  I want to belong to someone more powerful and awesome than I am.  I want everything I do to point right back to just how AWESOME he is.  I want to know that there is nothing, no not nothing, that is impossible with him. 

Am I fool?  Maybe, but I will forever and always be a fool for Him. 

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