Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Long and Winding Road….

Well….It is finished.

In my last post I wrote about the huge blessing that is our first house.  The house took a little longer than expected and more than a couple of bumps in the road…

1) Rock.  Lots of it.  At first it was amusing, given that Jeff is a pastor.  You know that whole “Build you house on the rock” verse.  Then it just got annoying, costly, and time consuming. 

2) People saying one thing and doing another.  “We’ll be out there tomorrow” in sub-contractor speak really translates “If I feel like it, I might come, slap at if for a bit and finish a week behind schedule.” Thankfully our contractor was wonderful and frequently, yet tactfully, laid the smack down.

3) The Weather.  Apparently I have left the state of Kentucky and moved to India.   After Monsoon Season (AKA Spring) we experienced oppressive heat.  It, um, delayed things. 

4) Our schedule.  Summer is the time when kids are out of school.  Jeff pastors kids.  That means that summer is our busiest season.  Sometime between a wedding, VBS, Church Camp, and vacation we had to MOVE.  We all kind of felt like this….

At one point our little family had our belongings in one house, our life in the apartment, and our hands up in the air.  I don’t know if we were praying, surrendering, or pleading for it all to SETTLE DOWN.  We were sleeping on air mattresses, balancing life, and trying to remind ourselves that one day, it would all be worth it. 

Someday has come.

We are settled into our new home.  The 8-week gauntlet that was our life has been run, and we survived.   PRAISE BE TO GOD.  :)  

I will be writing some more now that life has settled!


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