Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Comparison

A couple of weeks ago my whole family headed down to the Smoky Mountains for a good ole’ family vacation.  Maybe we lost our minds, but my family is close knit, and we enjoy each others company.  For our first vacation in 8 years we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Now, for those of you who have never had the privilege of visiting this mountain city, let me sum it up for you.  There are three things to do in Gatlinburg: Eat, Shop, and Spend Money.   Now, I am not trying to be cynical.  We had a FABULOUS time in our cabin, and we saw the sights of Gatlinburg.  We made some great memories, and we laughed a lot. 

It was fun….

There is just this weird juxtaposition in Gatlinburg though.  You have outlet malls, fudge shops, mini golf paradises, quirky museums, and the BEST DOUGHNUTS IN THE WORLD (ala the Doughnut Friar, a must visit in my book)


All of this man-made glory is surrounded by this:


Now I ask you, look at what we make:

image image
image image

And He makes:


Now, do you really question whether or not what He does is worthy of all glory, and honor, and praise? 

Me neither.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Safe From Drowning

Because God is gracious He will often use motherhood (and all the adventures it holds) to teach me some lessons.  I should have known that teaching E to swim would be no different. 

Now E LOVES the water.  She would live there if we let her.  In teaching her to swim we got her some arm floaties.  We knew that E would have to get used to her swim floaties, but we figured she would.  After one day in the pool, and a lot of reminding to not hold on to mommy’s bathing suit straps (I am sure someone got more of a view than they bargained for) E was not having anything to do with those floaties. 

Day 2 was a different story.  E was willing to be held at arms length.  Then she would let go.  Then she would swim between people.  She was somewhat confident in the floaties ability.  Yet, the more she swam the more we would hear her exclaim “I’m going to sink!  I’m going to sink!” 

Now, E knew that she wasn’t going to sink.  She had experienced first had that she could go all over that pool, and those floaties were going to keep her up. But, when she was afraid, those floaties and their abilities came into question. 

And I got to thinkin’….

Aren’t we like that with God?  How many times have we seen God keep us afloat, have we experienced the sufficiency of His grace, mercy, and providence and yet we question. 

We’re like E and her floaties.  We find ourselves in the middle of a situation and we start to question whether or not this time we’ll sink.  Here is your reminder. 

You’re safe from drowning in the arms of a loving God. 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Long and Winding Road….

Well….It is finished.

In my last post I wrote about the huge blessing that is our first house.  The house took a little longer than expected and more than a couple of bumps in the road…

1) Rock.  Lots of it.  At first it was amusing, given that Jeff is a pastor.  You know that whole “Build you house on the rock” verse.  Then it just got annoying, costly, and time consuming. 

2) People saying one thing and doing another.  “We’ll be out there tomorrow” in sub-contractor speak really translates “If I feel like it, I might come, slap at if for a bit and finish a week behind schedule.” Thankfully our contractor was wonderful and frequently, yet tactfully, laid the smack down.

3) The Weather.  Apparently I have left the state of Kentucky and moved to India.   After Monsoon Season (AKA Spring) we experienced oppressive heat.  It, um, delayed things. 

4) Our schedule.  Summer is the time when kids are out of school.  Jeff pastors kids.  That means that summer is our busiest season.  Sometime between a wedding, VBS, Church Camp, and vacation we had to MOVE.  We all kind of felt like this….

At one point our little family had our belongings in one house, our life in the apartment, and our hands up in the air.  I don’t know if we were praying, surrendering, or pleading for it all to SETTLE DOWN.  We were sleeping on air mattresses, balancing life, and trying to remind ourselves that one day, it would all be worth it. 

Someday has come.

We are settled into our new home.  The 8-week gauntlet that was our life has been run, and we survived.   PRAISE BE TO GOD.  :)  

I will be writing some more now that life has settled!