Thursday, April 7, 2011

In His Time, Part 4….

image After a time of devoted prayer, Jeff and I felt like it would be ok to explore our options regarding home ownership. 

Now the housing bubble in our town has mercifully not popped, primarily because of growth at a nearby military base.  As a matter of fact the market is slightly inflated.  This is great if your a homeowner.  Not so great if your a perspective buyer. 

After meeting with a realtor and seeing some things in the price range we were comfortable with, Jeff and I both thought that maybe staying right where we were was the best option.  Jeff is in the ministry and everything we were seeing would require a lot of elbow grease and effort.  We are willing to work hard, but we are at a point where pouring into our own home would really take away from our ministry. 

We needed to own a house, not have the house own us. 

It looked like the door to home ownership was closing.  Surprisingly I was fine with it.  We really like our current place, our landlord, the price, the location and the neighbors.  There were far worse things then renting and continuing to pour into our youth and the church where we serve. 

Then Jeff had a crazy idea.  One of our youth parents is a contractor and a friend.  Jeff suggested we go to him and find out how much it would cost to build a home. 

I laughed.  Audibly.  Insultingly.  I was like Sarah mocking Abraham.  Yeah right, we’re gonna build a house. 

Jeff called anyway. 

Now, unlike the housing market, the building market is at a 30 YEAR LOW.  It was like the perfect little storm of circumstances….

And so, in late April, or early May, we will be the proud owners of our first home.  :)  A home that we got to pick everything from the fixtures to the flooring, the cabinets to the curtain rods.  All of it. 


Is God good, or is God good!?!?!?! 

Note:  Now, we don’t subscribe to a prosperity gospel.  Our Gospel is based off of God’s mercy, and that alone.  Please now that I prayed for a long time in posting any of this.  We are only where we are because of God’s grace and glory.  We haven’t earned, nor do we deserve, any of this.  This is evidence of God’s work, not ours.  To Him be the Glory!

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