Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In His Time, Part 3…

image Months went by after my first taste of commitment.  Like most good things, it didn’t last too long.  Our family was hit with several trials, some health related, some financial, some spiritual. 

Our families answer to a crisis?  Prayer. 

We prayed for direction, conviction, and strength to go where God wanted us to go, do what He wanted us to do, and to not look back. 

The summer passed by, and we went into the fall with a renewed sense of vision.   Then the floodgates opened. 

We had slowly been chipping away at that pesky student loan debt of mine.  By November of last year, we made the last payment!   God blessed us beyond measure, and now we are a debt free household.  What’s better is God didn’t even need me working outside of the house to make it happen! 

Our life didn’t change the way that I thought it would.  Being debt free didn’t suddenly give us a whole bunch of money.  We kept our tight budget, except now we’re able to eat at the local Chinese buffet once every two weeks on pay day!  

The next step in our plan was saving, then we could start working on the down payment for a house…One day, like in 10 years…..

God thankfully didn’t need my time frame. 

This past December, we received an unexpected blessing, and doors started opening for us.  We started wondering if maybe, just maybe, we were being led into home ownership.  So we prayed.  And we waited.  Then we prayed.  And we waited. We prayed some more….

Then we waited. 

By January’s end, we had an answer.   

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