Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tot School-Valentine’s Day

TotSchool2E is 36 Months 

Alright, so most of you probably worked on Valentine’s Day activities with your kiddo this week, didn’t you?  Well, here is some of what we did this week.  You can see more pictures from this unit with Madonna over A Mommy Talks

Language Arts:
We matched uppercase and lowercase letters.  This also served as a fine motor exercise!  Whoo hoo!


We also worked on beginning writing with this Cupid activity.  E thought Cupid was an angel, and I was forbidden to correct her.  You know how 3 year olds can be. :)

P1070503 P1070508

We had planned on doing this spelling book too, and we probably will but it will wait until tomorrow. :)


We worked on the graphing activity where we graphed conversation hearts. 

P1070497 P1070499

We also intended to use these Cupid Clip Cards.  We didn’t get to it by post time, but we might work on it tomorrow.  We’ve used them before with our Space Unit, and she is really into counting all of sudden. 

image P1070348

Social Studies, Science, and Extra:
We used our conversation hearts and made some observations about them.  I love introducing scientific thinking to E in simple ways she can grasp.  This observation sheet just worked perfectly.

P1070502 P1070506

I also filled a plastic tub with some Valentine’s Items, so we played in it for a bit and used it as a sensory tub. 

P1070488 P1070493

In addition we made and “delivered” Valentine’s to some of our toy pals around the house. 

P1070477 P1070483

That was our week.  Be sure and check what others were up to at 1+1+1=1.  Also, check our 2 Teaching Mommies for the free plans and printables.



  1. Great week! Alphie is a hit in our house too! :-) Kerri

  2. Alphie is pretty wonderful, isn't he??