Monday, February 7, 2011

Tot School-My Feelings

E is 36 months

Here is what we did this week in tot school.  You can see more of what we did this week by checking out A Mommy Talks with Madonna, and hopping over to 2 Teaching Mommies to download all of the lesson plans and printables for FREE!  

Language Arts:
We worked on some beginning spelling this week with this Look, See, Spell chart.  We used our Scrabble tiles, and E was supposed to look at the picture, see the word, and then spell the word with the tiles. 

P1070405 P1070406

E needed some encouragement with this, but she grasped the concept.  It took a while longer than some other activities, but I am ok with that.  She’s learning, and that’s a good thing.

Like Madonna and Lil’ Man, we worked on this color and count with faces. 

P1070398 P1070402

We also worked on these Shape Faces.  E loved this game.  We broke  out the shape faces and the flip cards a couple of times this week.  The purpose is you flip a card and match the shapes on the card to make a face. 

P1070424 P1070426

Social Studies Concepts:
We looked through magazines to find pictures of the emotions we were working with.  We then glued them on construction paper to make a feelings book. 

P1070354 P1070355

We also made some paper plate faces with the shapes from our math game.  We used these and sang some songs with them, like If Your Happy and You Know It  and the girl scout standard There’s  a Smile in my Pocket (which I had never heard of, but threw in for Madonna!) 

P1070432 P1070436

This week we also played a couple of games.  I am trying to work in some physical activity with our lessons.  We used feeling words on the steps and went up and down to spell them.  Happy went up the stairs, and Sad and Mad went down.  :)

P1070388 P1070389

That was our week.  Be sure and check out what others did at 1+1+1=1.


  1. I love the magazine cut-outs for each emotion :)

  2. I like the cutting out the pictures in the magazine and its a great idea to use the stairs in learning...gross motor and kinesthetic learning all in one!

  3. Thanks you guys for all the praise! It really means a lot when you guys comment!