Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get Moving! Ideas for Valentines!

We are making a conscious effort in this house to be more active.  This doesn’t come easy for me.  If you’ve read any of the Chubby Runner entries then you know this.  So, here are some ideas to work in some physical activity. 

Since we, like many of you are at the mercy of the elements right now, these games can be played inside, or outside if you’re blessed enough to have some sun and warmth!

Kissing Cupid Hide-N-Seek:

P1070477This is a simple Valentine’s twist on hide-n-seek.  You play hide-n-seek with your tot, the key is what you do when you find someone!  You have to tag them with a kiss and a hug, then they are it.  The wings are optional ;)


P1070460If you happen to have more than one kiddo (we are single tot house for now) then you can always play kissing-cupid tag instead of hide-n-seek.  

Valentine Delivery:


You’ll need to gather some of your kiddos toys for this one, and something they can use as a Valentine to deliver.  Your tot will pretend to be cupid, and they will have some Valentines to deliver.



The first time we delivered the Valentine’s I just let her take her time and figure out what we were doing.  The next couple of times it was a race.  I set our timer and let her deliver her Valentines as quick as she could before the bell on her timer went off. 

So there you go, some ideas to get you up and moving if your stuck in the house!


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  1. Very wonderful and creative ideas! Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of delivering the valentines!! Kerri