Saturday, January 8, 2011

Transparency…TAKE 2

Blogging is kind of like the Wizard of OZ…there is a lot behind the curtain. 


So you know, not everything goes so swimmingly.  Here is a list of things that didn’t go as planned this week. 

  • Our couch broke in half this week.  We bought it at a yard sale, like every other piece of furniture in our house.  It broke in two, and I said some not so Godly words.   We’re trying to fix it, and hoping we won’t have to buy a new one.  :) If we buy a new one I want this….
  • Our coffee pot broke.  You take away my coffee, you take away my ability to function.  We found out it was hard water, so we cleaned it with vinegar.  A side effect of cleaning with vinegar…YOUR HOUSE SMELLS LIKE VINEGAR…FOREVER.  I wish we had just bought a new coffee pot…. like this one…

  • Hubby is a youth minister.  We have 17 adopted children ranging in ages from 10 to 19.  Here are some of them.  We love them…and this week they had some stresses.  We share their stress…because we love them….

  • Want to fancy a guess as to how many tot school lessons we’ve done this week???  ZERO…well, we kind of did one.  We might get something done today…maybe. 
  • Because our week was stressful we took advantage of some gift cards we had and ate out a whopping 4 TIMES this week for dinner.  In a related note, I skipped my Weight Watcher meeting :)
  • Apparently now our computer is broken….it crashed while I was writing this the first time.  This might have something to do with the fact that a couple of weeks ago I dropped it down the stairs….it was either it or me, and it is cheaper to replace!

I only tell this to you dear readers because you need to know that I don’t have it ALL together.  Life isn’t always hunky dory.   Sometimes I fear that posting on the blog makes it look like I have it all TOGETHER. 


I love the LORD, live for HIM, and in weeks like this….


I will post tomorrow about what (if anything) we get done in tot school.  :) 


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