Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tots School-Snow and Ice


E is 35 months

Here is a little bit of what we did this week.  You can see more of what we did over at A Mommy Talks with Madonna. 

Ok, so we had a CRAZY WEEK around here where the following things broke:
Our computer-which hubby fixed
Our Coffee Pot-which I fixed
Our Couch-which is still broken….we’re working on that one!

That being said we didn’t get a whole lot of tot school done.  We managed to get a day in, and here is what we did….

Language Arts:
We worked on our letters and their sounds by matching upper and lower case letters to make snowflakes. 

 CIMG1859 CIMG1860

We worked on counting with this snowflake graph book.  E used goldfish (because she wanted too, no other reason) to count and graph the number of snowflakes.  Activities like this are good for us right now.  She can count to 20, but often skips 4, 11, and 15.  Counting activities reinforce number sequence for her. 

We worked on an activity where we tried to get string to stick to ice.  Its meant to demonstrate the melting quality of salt on ice.  We never really got to the sticking part because E REALLY like melting the ice with salt.  :) 

CIMG1861 CIMG1862

We also went out and about one afternoon this week and talked about how nature looked in winter.  We filled out an observation sheet and drew a picture of what we saw. 

CIMG1853 CIMG1855

That was our week.  Remember that there was more to this week and you can download lessons and printables for free at 2 Teaching Mommies

Also, this is the last week for entering my GIVEAWAY, so be sure and check it out. 

As always, make sure that you hop over to 1+1+1=1 to see what others are up to.  



  1. Oh how fun! By the way, your blog is adorable!! :)

    Catherine :)

  2. Thank you so much Catherine! Your compliment was really needed!

  3. Aww, your welcome. :)

    What kind of camera did you just get?

  4. Nothing fancy...its a hand me down Panasonic Lumix. I got some great pics of the kiddo on the beach this summer, but in the house and at tot school the flash is too direct. I need to sit down and read the manual!