Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tot School-Winter Fun!!

E is 35 months

So this week in Tot School we learned all about the things we do in winter!!!  Here is some of what we did this week.  You can see more of what we did with Madonna over at A Mommy Talks.

Language Arts Concepts:
We worked on beginning letter sounds with this C is for Cold creation!!  I highly recommend decorating with stickers and cotton balls!!
CIMG1813 CIMG1819

Math Concepts:
We worked on number recognition and counting with this hockey puck counting game.  We used our number counting cards with this also. 

CIMG1837 CIMG1838
E really likes the roll and graph games, so we graphed many different times this week.  This game let us graph things we wear in winter, and we used our counting cubes to mark our progress.

CIMG1846 CIMG1848

Practical Living and Motor Skills:
This week we talked a lot about what we wear and do in winter.  I got out some of E’s clothes this week and let her put them on just to get some practice. 

CIMG1822 CIMG1824

Using the coat flip method really helped E put on her own coat, and she is now doing it frequently.  Just lay the coat down in front of your kiddo like this:
CIMG1850 Let them stick in their arms, flip it over their head, and VIOLA!!! The coat is on!

We also sorted things we did and wore in the winter and summer.  We focused a lot on what we do/wear when it “hot” and “cold” to get the difference between summer and winter down. 

CIMG1844 CIMG1845

Just for Fun:
We made this glue gun winter tree as a craft this week.  It was a lot better in theory than in practice, but the point of the craft was to have fun.  That I am happy to say was accomplished!!

CIMG1804 CIMG1808

Mom’s Favorite:

CIMG1826She fought her hat, and she won!!!  She was quite proud of herself after this!!  

That is what we did this week.  You can download the lessons and printables for this week for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies

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Lastly, make sure you check out what others did this week at 1+1+1=1!   Hope you have a great week!



  1. Looks like a fun wintery week :)

  2. Thanks for the coat flip method ideas. And for sharing those wonderful printables.