Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tot School-People Who Keep Us Healthy

TotSchool2E is 35 months. 

Ok, so here is a QUICK look at what we did this week!  We worked this week on People who Keep Us Healthy and we talked about Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists.  You can see more of what we did at A Mommy Talks with Madonna, or visit our sister site 2 Teaching Mommies where you’ll find FREE lessons and printables for what’s below. 

Language Arts:
We worked on motor skills A LOT with some pre-writing activities.CIMG1870 CIMG1871

Here is a pic of our finished product.  E is getting better, but we aren’t anywhere near perfection!


On this activity, E traced the letters with a toothbrush (because dentist was our theme, get it?) and we talked about what the letters were.  I asked her to find the letter and trace it to work on letter recognition. 

CIMG1868 CIMG1869

We measured patients to help our nurse out.  This was WAY over E’s head.  She didn’t get measuring vertically for some reason when the numbers were a different direction.  I can get that.  We tried a couple turned sideways, and she counted the boxes.  That seemed to help. 

CIMG1874 CIMG1876

I want to challenge her, and she didn’t get frustrated, she just didn’t quite get it.  You all ever had that happen? 

Science/Social/Practical Living
We did a germ activity (our germs were glitter, though the pics don’t show it) to make sure that we wash our hands and get all the germs off.  Our “germs” are still floating around on my kitchen floor.  Glitter isn’t the best, is it?


We also labeled the parts of the mouth and practiced brushing our teeth. CIMG1867

CIMG1863 CIMG1864 

Family Night this week was had a doctor/dentist theme.  We played a cover the boo boo game and we made a teeth themed snack!

P1070276 P1070297 P1070298 That was our week!  Be sure and check out what others did over at 1+1+1=1!

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