Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am blind.  Well, at least without my contacts I am.

image On a recent drive down to visit my hubby’s family I was having a lot of trouble with my night vision.  The contacts I was wearing were brand new by my standards-only 2 weeks old.  However, I kept rubbing my eyes and re-wetting my lenses.    Since I was getting ready to take my turn driving Jeff was a little concerned. 

I was willing to try anything.  Things had been fuzzy all day and my eyes were really bothering me.  I had convinced my self that it was allergies, but now I wasn’t sure.  I took out my lenses and inspected them a little more carefully. 

My left lens was flipped inside out.  That explained a lot.  I flipped it and put it back in.  The irritation was gone but things were still fuzzy.  I decided I switch my left lens to my right eye and vice versa…what could it hurt? 

Low and behold…..SIGHT!!!  The whole day my contacts were flipped inside out and in the wrong eyes!!!  I had thought things were fine, and that I was seeing as clearly as I could, but my own ignorance was getting in the way. 

Aren’t we this way with God?  We become so convinced that we are seeing things the way they should be that we don’t even consider our view might be flipped inside out and un-focused.  As we begin a New Year maybe you’re willing to try something, ANYTHING, to get your vision back to where it should be.  Something my hubby and I are doing is reading through the Bible in a year.  Its the first time I have done this, but already I am seeing things clearer. 

To encourage each of you along the way I am going to be posting about what I am finding in our weekly readings.  I’ll also be upfront about the struggles I am having and what I am finding as I read.  For those of you who might want to follow along, I am posting our reading plan, also. 

Its meant to take you through The OT once, and the Psalms and NT twice.  Plus, my hubby has matched up the  readings so you aren’t reading CHAPTERS of genealogy and laws all in one sitting. 

I hope that you’ll join me! 

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