Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tot School-Space


TotSchool2Elisabeth is 36 Months 

This week in tot school we went to the final frontier!  Here is some of what we did this week, and you can see more with Madonna over at A Mommy Talks

Language Arts:
Ok, so this week in language arts we worked on some pre-writing and beginning letter sounds this week.  For prewriting we connected dots by following the letters of the alphabet.  The goal was to make the big dipper, but E didn’t make STRAIGHT lines from letter to letter.  She went in a bit of a circle.  :)


We also completed a M for Moon Dot Page to work on letter sounds.  No pics though!

We sequenced planets based on size for one activity this week.


We also counted craters on the moon with our moon clip cards.


We made a model of our solar system using our planets.  I printed out a guide and E matched the next planet in line and glued in on.  She won’t remember all the planets from this activity, but she does remember Jupiter.  She is quick to point out that Jupiter is “SUPER BIG!”


We also had the chance to visit the planetarium this week.  My brother Chip is an Astrophysicist (yes, seriously).  He is currently student teaching and he works part-time at his universities planetarium.  He pulled some strings and Madonna, Myself, and the kiddos were all treated to a private show!  Thanks Chip! 


This week was E’s 3rd birthday!  I cannot believe how quick three years goes by!

imageimage imageP1070336     

We had a snowman theme, and I made this cookie cake, which I thought came out rather spectacular!  


This picture was after the candles and the cutting of the cake.  I realized too late that I hadn’t got pics of it!

That was our week!  Be sure and check out the lesson plans and printables which are FREE over at 2 Teaching Mommies

Also, make sure you check out 1+1+1=1 to see what other did this week!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chubby Runner-Vol. 2

Ok, so the day for the mini-marathon is quickly approaching.  Unfortunately, mother nature is not co-operating with my workout schedule. 

I don’t belong to a gym.  I am kicking this old school.  I prefer to walk outside, but recently the temperatures have been frigid and the ground has been snow covered. 

I could walk like this…like an arctic sand person from Star Wars…


But I would likely end up like this…


My hubby, who is infinitely wise (and admittedly wants me to get out of the house and exercise) suggested that I make use of our churches sanctuary and walk some laps there. 

I did.  I walked 1.5 miles worth of laps, all measured by my trusty pedometer. 

I spent my walk bopping away on my IPod to the tunes of ABBA. 

I will resist the temptation to hum Dancing Queen this week during the invitation. 

If you would like to try and follow my training schedule you can download a copy of it here.

Its courtesy of my brother, Chip, who is constantly assuring me that yes I can walk 13.2 miles and a doughnut doesn’t have to be in front of me. :)   Hopefully next week will be much more pleasant and I can do some outdoors walking!  Until then!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tot School-People Who Keep Us Healthy

TotSchool2E is 35 months. 

Ok, so here is a QUICK look at what we did this week!  We worked this week on People who Keep Us Healthy and we talked about Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists.  You can see more of what we did at A Mommy Talks with Madonna, or visit our sister site 2 Teaching Mommies where you’ll find FREE lessons and printables for what’s below. 

Language Arts:
We worked on motor skills A LOT with some pre-writing activities.CIMG1870 CIMG1871

Here is a pic of our finished product.  E is getting better, but we aren’t anywhere near perfection!


On this activity, E traced the letters with a toothbrush (because dentist was our theme, get it?) and we talked about what the letters were.  I asked her to find the letter and trace it to work on letter recognition. 

CIMG1868 CIMG1869

We measured patients to help our nurse out.  This was WAY over E’s head.  She didn’t get measuring vertically for some reason when the numbers were a different direction.  I can get that.  We tried a couple turned sideways, and she counted the boxes.  That seemed to help. 

CIMG1874 CIMG1876

I want to challenge her, and she didn’t get frustrated, she just didn’t quite get it.  You all ever had that happen? 

Science/Social/Practical Living
We did a germ activity (our germs were glitter, though the pics don’t show it) to make sure that we wash our hands and get all the germs off.  Our “germs” are still floating around on my kitchen floor.  Glitter isn’t the best, is it?


We also labeled the parts of the mouth and practiced brushing our teeth. CIMG1867

CIMG1863 CIMG1864 

Family Night this week was had a doctor/dentist theme.  We played a cover the boo boo game and we made a teeth themed snack!

P1070276 P1070297 P1070298 That was our week!  Be sure and check out what others did over at 1+1+1=1!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tots School-Snow and Ice


E is 35 months

Here is a little bit of what we did this week.  You can see more of what we did over at A Mommy Talks with Madonna. 

Ok, so we had a CRAZY WEEK around here where the following things broke:
Our computer-which hubby fixed
Our Coffee Pot-which I fixed
Our Couch-which is still broken….we’re working on that one!

That being said we didn’t get a whole lot of tot school done.  We managed to get a day in, and here is what we did….

Language Arts:
We worked on our letters and their sounds by matching upper and lower case letters to make snowflakes. 

 CIMG1859 CIMG1860

We worked on counting with this snowflake graph book.  E used goldfish (because she wanted too, no other reason) to count and graph the number of snowflakes.  Activities like this are good for us right now.  She can count to 20, but often skips 4, 11, and 15.  Counting activities reinforce number sequence for her. 

We worked on an activity where we tried to get string to stick to ice.  Its meant to demonstrate the melting quality of salt on ice.  We never really got to the sticking part because E REALLY like melting the ice with salt.  :) 

CIMG1861 CIMG1862

We also went out and about one afternoon this week and talked about how nature looked in winter.  We filled out an observation sheet and drew a picture of what we saw. 

CIMG1853 CIMG1855

That was our week.  Remember that there was more to this week and you can download lessons and printables for free at 2 Teaching Mommies

Also, this is the last week for entering my GIVEAWAY, so be sure and check it out. 

As always, make sure that you hop over to 1+1+1=1 to see what others are up to.  


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Transparency…TAKE 2

Blogging is kind of like the Wizard of OZ…there is a lot behind the curtain. 


So you know, not everything goes so swimmingly.  Here is a list of things that didn’t go as planned this week. 

  • Our couch broke in half this week.  We bought it at a yard sale, like every other piece of furniture in our house.  It broke in two, and I said some not so Godly words.   We’re trying to fix it, and hoping we won’t have to buy a new one.  :) If we buy a new one I want this….
  • Our coffee pot broke.  You take away my coffee, you take away my ability to function.  We found out it was hard water, so we cleaned it with vinegar.  A side effect of cleaning with vinegar…YOUR HOUSE SMELLS LIKE VINEGAR…FOREVER.  I wish we had just bought a new coffee pot…. like this one…

  • Hubby is a youth minister.  We have 17 adopted children ranging in ages from 10 to 19.  Here are some of them.  We love them…and this week they had some stresses.  We share their stress…because we love them….

  • Want to fancy a guess as to how many tot school lessons we’ve done this week???  ZERO…well, we kind of did one.  We might get something done today…maybe. 
  • Because our week was stressful we took advantage of some gift cards we had and ate out a whopping 4 TIMES this week for dinner.  In a related note, I skipped my Weight Watcher meeting :)
  • Apparently now our computer is broken….it crashed while I was writing this the first time.  This might have something to do with the fact that a couple of weeks ago I dropped it down the stairs….it was either it or me, and it is cheaper to replace!

I only tell this to you dear readers because you need to know that I don’t have it ALL together.  Life isn’t always hunky dory.   Sometimes I fear that posting on the blog makes it look like I have it all TOGETHER. 


I love the LORD, live for HIM, and in weeks like this….


I will post tomorrow about what (if anything) we get done in tot school.  :)