Monday, December 20, 2010

Tot School-Christmas Week!

Ok, so we have been fighting off sickness for two weeks in this house.  This is a little bit of what we’ve been doing this week, but you can check out more of what we did by visiting Madonna over A Mommy Talks.

Language Arts:
We worked on parts of two units this week.  We did this Nativity Letter maze to help Mary and Joseph find their way to Bethlehem. 

 CIMG1783 CIMG1784

We also worked on some beginning spelling concepts with this spelling activity using words from the Christmas story. 


We transitioned to Christmas Symbols later in the week.  We worked on beginning writing by helping Santa find his way to his sleigh. 


We also worked on letter sounds by using this activity where we looked at the pictures on the cards and then identified the beginning letter.  You can use clothespins to “clip” on the right letter, or you can use pennies or another manipulative to mark the letter.  P1070196

Math Activities:
We used this nativity shadow match to work on shapes. 

CIMG1785 CIMG1786

We also made candy cane patterns with pipe cleaners and beads.  E loved making these, and we made several to give away to the grandparents!  Cheap, easy, and fun! 

P1070197 image

Just for Fun:
We made a Gingerbread house this week.  We had a wonderful family night with this. 

CIMG1774 CIMG1776

We also played with our nativity figures and did some role play  E loves her little nativity.  I love the fact that she still calls Mary “Mary had a little lamb”.  I think its sweet because she doesn’t know how right she is!

CIMG1778 CIMG1779

Mom’s Favorite:
We visited my parents this week and I snapped this pic of E playing by the Christmas Tree.  I just like it!


That was our week.  Remember that you can get all of the printables for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies, including the Nativity Printables.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



  1. Love the maze idea. The last picture is way too cute! Merry Christmas! Kerri

  2. She is beautiful, and such concentration in her face with all of her activities. The gingerbread house looks sooo fun!