Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tot School-Christmas Trees

TotSchool2 This week in tot school we learned all about Christmas Trees.  Below are just a couple of things we worked on this week, but you can check out some more pictures with Madonna over at A Mommy Talks. 

Language Arts:
You can see what we did on days 1 and 2 over at A Mommy Talks.  On day 3 we worked on beginning letter sounds.  With this game we had some pictures of some well known toy items, like Woody from Toy Story, Elmo, and Ariel.

CIMG1737 CIMG1739

I put the first letter of each item on a clothespin and laid them out for E.  She picked out a toy and told me what it was.  Then we talked about the toys name and I asked her to pick the letter out that it started with and clip it on.  (For instance: Oh, a bear!  What does B-B-Bear start with?)  While it may sound involved E took off with this.  She only needed me to help her the first time, and then she knew the drill! :) 

Math Concepts:
For math this week we made a math Christmas Tree.  On day 1 we used Christmas lights and made color patterns on our tree.  This is the first time that E got into patterns, which she normally doesn’t like.  Now that we have our colors down, she liked this!

CIMG1733 CIMG1734

On day 2, we took our tree with lights on it and added shape ornaments.  I laid the shapes out and asked her to find a particular one.  She then picked it up and put it on the tree. 


Social Studies Concepts:
We went through E’s toy box this week and gave some items to other boys and girls.  At first E really struggled with this.  We are blessed, and E really has never seen boys and girls in need, so I really had to explain that some boys and girls don’t have toys to play with.  It took a bit, but then E was willing to part with some of her older toys.  She also gave some old items new purpose in her dress up chest.

CIMG1728I think she was channeling her inner Elton John. :)   She told me that she put this on because she needed to boogie!

Mom’s Favorite:
It snowed here this week, and E, like any little one, couldn’t wait to get out and play!

So that’s what we’ve been up to!  Be sure and check out 2 Teaching Mommies and download all these lessons and printables for FREE!!  This week we will be working on the Nativity, so stop by next Sunday and see how it all worked out!

Most importantly skip over to 1+1+1=1 and see what everyone else is up to! 


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  1. Great week! The inner Elton John pic is too funny! Kerri