Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Month In Sleep Pants



Back in November I found these sleep pants at Old Navy.

image Fleecy.  Now some of you may not be impressed.  You may think, “Um, Amber I’m pretty sure everyone has a pair of sleep pants.”  You would be wrong.  I am 5’11, and EVERY pair of loungey type pants I’ve bought make me look like I am preparing for a flood. 

These beauties came in (I bought black) and I thought I had died and gone to pants Heaven.  They are soft, comfy, and LONG ENOUGH.  They are the ideal fat pants…they cling nowhere.  So for pretty much the entire month of December I have been in them, or the other 3 pair I bought when I found out how FABULOUS they are.  (Yes, I bought ANOTHER black)

image image image

I tried putting on jeans one day, but they felt so….restrictive. They sucked things in, and flattered my figure.

I just wanted to be comfy. 

Here is the thing though.  I don’t feel comfy.  After my month in sweatpants I feel like poo.  Everyday I wake up, and the pants,…… I think they make me lazy.  I don’t want to clean.  I don’t want to cook.  I don’t want to mommy. 

I want to lay in the pants.


So, today, I put on blue jeans, and I thought “This is going to take some getting used to….”  It will take a while to get these bad boys in shape again, but after a couple of days they will be my second skin. 

I think the pants thing is a little like backsliding in our faith.  When we are saved we are told we become a new creation.  Salvation means that we move away from some things that were once more “comfy” to some things that are more “restrictive”.  Our brains, and our bodies, try to tell us that the “comfy” things make us feel better.  Its a lie. 

Sure our faith, and the convictions we have may be more restrictive, but truth be told, they are also more flattering.  Our convictions highlight the good things we want people to see in us, and after we wear them for a while, they becomes second nature.

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