Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tot School-Turkeys!

TotSchool2 E is 33 Months Old

This week in Tot School we learned all about Turkeys!  We had a fun week and here are some of the things we did.  You can see more about this unit at A Mommy Talks with Madonna. 

Language Arts:
We worked with the letter T this week, for obvious reasons!  We used this great T letter sound activity from Making Learning Fun.


We also did this spelling puzzle for the word “Turkey”.  The puzzle came in all Uppercase letters or al Lowercase letters.  We used both a couple of times this week.  E liked this a lot. 

P1070052 P1070054

Math Concepts:
We used this clothespin match game to work on number recognition, and colors.  Each feather had a color and a number on it.  The turkey had colored numbers on it, so you could use it for either. 

P1070043 P1070047

Science Concepts:
We talked about the parts of the turkey on day 1 of our unit.  I cut the parts of a turkey out of construction paper and then E put them together.

P1070033 P1070035

On day 2 we talked about where turkeys live.  We had planned on building a turkey nest using sticks and branches to build a turkey nest.  However, the day we taught this lesson, it rained on our parade.  We ended up using construction paper to make sticks and leaves for our nest.  I let her use her scissors to practice cutting, too.

P1070030 P1070036

After we were done with our nest we put our turkey from day 1 in the nest so he could live there.  :)

We would have taken a field trip this week, but really, where do you go to see turkeys?  As a substitute we worked on this turkey power-point.  Not the most stellar power-point, but it gobbled, and that made E happy.  You can download the power point at  
2 Teaching Mommies.

image P1070061

Moms favorite:

P1070038 There is a pic of me that is eerily similar to this one of E.  We both have the same dazed expression on our faces.  :)

Ok, so that was our week.  Remember that all of our lesson plans and printables are available for free at 2 Teaching Mommies.  Be sure and check out what we are up to next week when we learn about Pilgrims and Indians! 

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  1. I love that picture of her at the end! Too cute! Looks like a fun week!

  2. She sure had fun. I love the turkey with the clothespins. I wish my toddler would figure out the clothes pins already. LOL

  3. Visiting from Tot School...Great ideas for your turkey theme. I have a funny story - we have to watch out for the turkeys that overrun our arboretum in southern Wisconsin. We see them waddling around almost anytime we go. My husband and I got charged once by three toms! I was very pregnant and couldn't move fast so my husband had to SHOO them with his heavy backpack - no lie! Better to see them from far away I think ;)

  4. Love the turkey theme! Looks like she's very proud of that picture!