Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tot School-Pilgrims & Indians

TotSchool2 E is 34 Months Old

This week we learned all about the Pilgrims and the Indians!   Here is some of what we did this week.  You can see more about this unit at A Mommy Talks, with Madonna.  Also, you can download the printables and the lessons for this unit at 2 Teaching Mommies

Language Arts:
Day 1 of our unit focused on the Pilgrims.  We colored and put together a Pilgrim Letter Book.

There really wasn’t too much to this book, but it did work on letter recognition and beginning word sounds. 

Math Activities:
In math this week we worked on counting with this number maze.  The point of the maze is to help the Mayflower get to America by following the numbers 1 to 10. 


We also did this roll and graph.  We rolled the dice, which features items from a Thanksgiving meal and then graphed how many times we rolled each item.   E loves the roll and graphs, and really I am an accessory to this activity.  She told me she would do this “by myself”, so I just sat back and watched! 


Social Study Concepts:
We have been trying to communicate the difference between the Pilgrims and the Indians.  For a toddler, this is a complex concept.  We used the Pilgrim and Indian sort to really talk about how the two people groups lived differently. 


We also made a Pilgrim bonnet out of construction paper.  This is an incredibly easy craft, but E did not like having to wear the bonnet. 

As a mommy I really hope the worse of her troubles are having to wear a pilgrim bonnet when she doesn’t want to!  One day we’ll look at this pic and get a good laugh. :)


That was our week.  Be sure and check what others are up to this week at 1+1+1=1.