Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Purge Continues…

So, I am still purging.  I had to take a break this weekend because we had company.  Something told me that “Hey, come in, here is all our junk!” wasn’t the best welcome, so I waited until Monday to get started again. 

I tackled a couple of trouble spots with our family: under the bathroom sink, and the closet under our stairs. 

Here are the cabinets under the sink before the purge:

P1070065 P1070066   P1070069P1070068P1070067 

And after:


P1070071 P1070072P1070075         

Now, the closet under the stairs….this thing won’t stay clean.  Its a whole bunch of crazy all the time.  Amazingly it got WORSE over the weekend because with company coming I hid more junk in there!


It took about 1 hour to get this thing cleaned out.  At some point I got buried under the stuff, and Jeff thought that meant, you guessed it, photo op…


In the end I got rid of A LOT of old board games (which have a new home in our youth room at church) and some old home furnishings. 

Ok, so that was that.  I will be posting more today about some more I am learning from these passages in Genesis, but for now, the application of my convictions is wearing me out!! 

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  1. I have been doing alot of that at our house! It is hard work but the results are worth it and it makes you appreciate what you have a bit more and makes it easier to use your "treasures" more often and easier to put them back! :)