Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Purge Begins….

Ok, so I am following through on this.  I started with the pantry.  I read an article in the November Issue of Women’s Day (I have no idea why I am getting this magazine, but that is another issue) on organizing the pantry.  Ours DESPRETELY needed it.  Here is the before pic…


And the After…


Now I know, all that stuff about buying stuff to organize stuff, but this was warranted. 

I threw out an entire garbage bag of food.  Most of it was ruined because it had gone stale…or expired because it was out of sight and forgotten.  I figured the air-tight clear containers would help because I would see my food, and air wouldn’t get to it.  And I shopped at the Dollar Tree…$10 well spent.

This process was actually kind of difficult.  An entire GARBAGE BAG of food…wasted.  It isn’t even the money aspect, though wasted food=wasted money.  I just felt convicted…again! 

My prayer is just that I will be a better steward of the blessings God has given me.  That money, and that food, could have gone to those who have little or none.  Hopefully, the pantry will stay clean and organized, and there will be less waste in the future.  


  1. You go girl!!!!

    I feel the same way whenever I go through my pantry or fridge. All that food -- gone to waste. I really try to be better!

  2. That is great! I dream of my pantry looking like that one day! Kerri

  3. Love the containers from the Dollar Tree. Frugal and super organized!!!

    I am following in your blog to see how your purge is going. I am convicted to do the same. So I will be taking the plunge as well.

    Thanks for the post!!