Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where have I been????

Ok, so admittedly, its been a bit since I’ve written anything on here!  A week?  Really?  Ok, granted, last week was Thanksgiving, and we did travel (like many of you probably did, also) but I still don’t feel like that is much of an excuse!

Anyway, there haven’t been any tot school updates because in all honesty we haven’t done much.  The week before Thanksgiving we crafted a little, but mostly we were getting things done for Thanksgiving.  One craft was a Turkey E made with her friends at MOPS. 

image Last week we planned on doing something, but it didn’t happen!   We traveled to see my hubby’s family,  and Tot School just didn’t travel with us.  We did get to see family though, and that was a very good thing.  E enjoyed catching up with her cousins!


Oh well, I’ve got a new idea I am anxious to share with you all, and I will post more about it this evening.  I think you’ll like it!  Until then!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Target Sock Deal!

image There is a coupon right now on Target.com for $10/3 Women’s Sleepwear items.  I scoured the clearance racks for some bargains, but alas, none were to be found.  Then I came across these…

At $4 a pair I figured I would take a chance and see if I could use the coupon.  I checked with a sales clerk, and sure enough these slipper socks count as sleepwear!!!  With my coupon I scored 3 super cute pairs of slipper socks for $2!!!  Woo hoo!   Can we say stocking stuffers, anyone??  :) 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tot School-Pilgrims & Indians

TotSchool2 E is 34 Months Old

This week we learned all about the Pilgrims and the Indians!   Here is some of what we did this week.  You can see more about this unit at A Mommy Talks, with Madonna.  Also, you can download the printables and the lessons for this unit at 2 Teaching Mommies

Language Arts:
Day 1 of our unit focused on the Pilgrims.  We colored and put together a Pilgrim Letter Book.

There really wasn’t too much to this book, but it did work on letter recognition and beginning word sounds. 

Math Activities:
In math this week we worked on counting with this number maze.  The point of the maze is to help the Mayflower get to America by following the numbers 1 to 10. 


We also did this roll and graph.  We rolled the dice, which features items from a Thanksgiving meal and then graphed how many times we rolled each item.   E loves the roll and graphs, and really I am an accessory to this activity.  She told me she would do this “by myself”, so I just sat back and watched! 


Social Study Concepts:
We have been trying to communicate the difference between the Pilgrims and the Indians.  For a toddler, this is a complex concept.  We used the Pilgrim and Indian sort to really talk about how the two people groups lived differently. 


We also made a Pilgrim bonnet out of construction paper.  This is an incredibly easy craft, but E did not like having to wear the bonnet. 

As a mommy I really hope the worse of her troubles are having to wear a pilgrim bonnet when she doesn’t want to!  One day we’ll look at this pic and get a good laugh. :)


That was our week.  Be sure and check what others are up to this week at 1+1+1=1.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Purge Continues…

So, I am still purging.  I had to take a break this weekend because we had company.  Something told me that “Hey, come in, here is all our junk!” wasn’t the best welcome, so I waited until Monday to get started again. 

I tackled a couple of trouble spots with our family: under the bathroom sink, and the closet under our stairs. 

Here are the cabinets under the sink before the purge:

P1070065 P1070066   P1070069P1070068P1070067 

And after:


P1070071 P1070072P1070075         

Now, the closet under the stairs….this thing won’t stay clean.  Its a whole bunch of crazy all the time.  Amazingly it got WORSE over the weekend because with company coming I hid more junk in there!


It took about 1 hour to get this thing cleaned out.  At some point I got buried under the stuff, and Jeff thought that meant, you guessed it, photo op…


In the end I got rid of A LOT of old board games (which have a new home in our youth room at church) and some old home furnishings. 

Ok, so that was that.  I will be posting more today about some more I am learning from these passages in Genesis, but for now, the application of my convictions is wearing me out!! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

We Got Nominated!!!!

Ok, so as most of you know, I co-write 2 Teaching Mommies with my good friend, Madonna from A Mommy Talks.  Well…



2 Teaching Mommies is nominated for Best New Homeschooling Blog AND Best Family or Group Blog!!!  Whoo hoo!!!

It would be great if my readers would head over and show us some love by voting for us!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tot School-Turkeys!

TotSchool2 E is 33 Months Old

This week in Tot School we learned all about Turkeys!  We had a fun week and here are some of the things we did.  You can see more about this unit at A Mommy Talks with Madonna. 

Language Arts:
We worked with the letter T this week, for obvious reasons!  We used this great T letter sound activity from Making Learning Fun.


We also did this spelling puzzle for the word “Turkey”.  The puzzle came in all Uppercase letters or al Lowercase letters.  We used both a couple of times this week.  E liked this a lot. 

P1070052 P1070054

Math Concepts:
We used this clothespin match game to work on number recognition, and colors.  Each feather had a color and a number on it.  The turkey had colored numbers on it, so you could use it for either. 

P1070043 P1070047

Science Concepts:
We talked about the parts of the turkey on day 1 of our unit.  I cut the parts of a turkey out of construction paper and then E put them together.

P1070033 P1070035

On day 2 we talked about where turkeys live.  We had planned on building a turkey nest using sticks and branches to build a turkey nest.  However, the day we taught this lesson, it rained on our parade.  We ended up using construction paper to make sticks and leaves for our nest.  I let her use her scissors to practice cutting, too.

P1070030 P1070036

After we were done with our nest we put our turkey from day 1 in the nest so he could live there.  :)

We would have taken a field trip this week, but really, where do you go to see turkeys?  As a substitute we worked on this turkey power-point.  Not the most stellar power-point, but it gobbled, and that made E happy.  You can download the power point at  
2 Teaching Mommies.

image P1070061

Moms favorite:

P1070038 There is a pic of me that is eerily similar to this one of E.  We both have the same dazed expression on our faces.  :)

Ok, so that was our week.  Remember that all of our lesson plans and printables are available for free at 2 Teaching Mommies.  Be sure and check out what we are up to next week when we learn about Pilgrims and Indians! 

Be sure to check out what others are doing at 1+1+1=1!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Bother…

You all know that I have been purging and trying to get rid of stuff.  I was going to tackle our DVD cabinet but decided instead to do a Bible study first.  I did my study on Philippians 4.  I get down to verse 8….

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

….lets just say that it isn’t the best verse to read when you’re getting ready to go through you DVD collection. 

Many of my good friends know that I am huge Gilmore Girls fan, but now I have to ask…is Gilmore Girls really admirable?  Is Luke Danes praiseworthy?  I guess Rory counted as “pure” until season 4.  Does that mean I can keep the first 4 seasons? 


Look at them…mocking me.  “Really? You’re getting rid of us?  Yeah, right….”  You can see it their eyes…

The simple fact is, I like my show, but scripture is pretty clear, and I’m afraid it might have to go.  Its obvious that God laid THAT show on my heart, and I have to wonder why.  I am not saying the show is bad, and many of you might be fans yourselves, but it might be a stumbling block for me.  Just not quite sure yet…

You guys pray for me on this one, because I am just not sure I can let the kooky folks of Stars Hollow go. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fruits of my Labor….

So, yesterday I cleaned my pantry.  Today I found this recipe on Women Living Well, posted by Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen.  When I read through the ingredients I realized that I had ALL of the necessary ingredients.  I wouldn’t have know this if I hadn’t cleaned the pantry! 


Now, I was trying to use ingredients from home, so I used frozen chicken breast that I boiled to cook through.  I was hesitant to boil chicken, but it came out tasting like, you guessed it, chicken. :)   HAVE NO FEAR!!!

Not only was the recipe YUMMY, but it saved me a trip to the grocery store!  Not to mention it pleased my very picky toddler! 

All this from cleaning out the pantry!?  Who knows what I’ll find when I clean out the bathroom cabinets today!! 


The Purge Begins….

Ok, so I am following through on this.  I started with the pantry.  I read an article in the November Issue of Women’s Day (I have no idea why I am getting this magazine, but that is another issue) on organizing the pantry.  Ours DESPRETELY needed it.  Here is the before pic…


And the After…


Now I know, all that stuff about buying stuff to organize stuff, but this was warranted. 

I threw out an entire garbage bag of food.  Most of it was ruined because it had gone stale…or expired because it was out of sight and forgotten.  I figured the air-tight clear containers would help because I would see my food, and air wouldn’t get to it.  And I shopped at the Dollar Tree…$10 well spent.

This process was actually kind of difficult.  An entire GARBAGE BAG of food…wasted.  It isn’t even the money aspect, though wasted food=wasted money.  I just felt convicted…again! 

My prayer is just that I will be a better steward of the blessings God has given me.  That money, and that food, could have gone to those who have little or none.  Hopefully, the pantry will stay clean and organized, and there will be less waste in the future.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Purge….

So, I am frequently amazed by how God works.   Today my Bible Study was on Genesis 13 5-13.  Now this particular passage talks about Abram and Lot going their separate ways because they just have too much stuff for them to share the land they are on.  Verse 6 says “But the land could not support them while they stayed together, for their possessions were so great.”

Now, here is the thing.  There is SO MUCH in this passage of scripture you can take away, but you know what I got from it?  It was like God was yelling it at me…


Now, to be fair, our closet looks like this because this is where I “hide” stuff to be out of sight. Still, its a lot of stuff, eh?

I have thought this before.  Normally I go out and by more stuff to organize my stuff.  You all are smiling right now because you know that this is SOOO TRUE. 

I have stuffitis, and if I let Lot be my Biblical example, I need to purge. 

Lot ended up leaving the lead of his uncle Abram for greener pastures.  He takes his stuff and moves closer to Sodom, and we all know what happened to Sodom.  Funny thing is Lot knew Sodom was evil, he just didn’t care.  I wonder how different the story would be if Lot had told Abram he wanted to stay with him, and that if his stuff was an issue he would get rid of it. 

I know my stuff is an issue.  We have too much of it, and it is seriously taking my time away from things that are important.  God is telling me to LET IT GO.   

So, in the next couple of posts I will be purging.  Some of it will hurt (like getting rid of some of my books), some it will be nice (like getting rid of some of Jeff’s action movies), and some of it will make no difference (why did I buy all this tupperware again?). 

Join me, if you dare. 

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