Monday, October 4, 2010

True Colors

So I was driving to see a friend today and I noticed that the trees are STARTING to change colors.  I love when the trees change colors.  It signifies the official start to Caramel Apple Cider season in my house. 

Food being attached to everything in my mind is a topic for another day, though. 

I once heard that leaves are actually always the color they turn in the fall, only chlorophyll keeps the leaves looking green.  Only when things start turning colder and the sun shines on them less do they begin to show their true colors.  

I think people are that way too. 

Like leaves, when we are in good times, when the proverbial sun is always shining, we appear to the outside world to be something that perhaps we aren’t. 

When things aren’t so good, when the sun starts to hide from us and times aren’t so great, when the winds blow colder, that is when we show our true colors. 

I so hope that when I begin to show my true colors I am one of the deep rich reds or oranges that you can help but be struck by.  I would hate to be one of those trees that just turns brown and dies. 

My prayer is that in the days of my life where there are more clouds than sun, I will continue to cry out and glorify the God who made and delivered me.  To me, that is a color to take note of. 

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  1. I was looking at all the colorful leaves today and it reminded me of your post.