Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tot School-Spiders!

Ok, so here is what we did this week.  It has been a BUSY week for us.  We have had too many pastoral duties just pop up…oh well!  That’s how we roll!  You can see more of what we did this week by checking out A Mommy Talks with Madonna! 

Language Arts:

We worked on the alphabet using this game.  We had each of the letters on spiders and then E had to smack the right spider with her shoe.  This was a favorite, and the poor spiders have been smacked a plenty!! 

P1070013 P1070012

We also worked on the W for Web.  We colored on a black sheet of construction paper with some chalk.  I sprayed it with some hair spray (it sets the chalk!) and then cut out a W.  W glued it to some paper and made a pom pom spider to call it home! 

P1070004 P1070006

Math Concepts:

We worked on this Spider Graphing Book to count our spiders and graph them.  E used our little gems again to mark her progress. 

 P1070009 P1070007

Science Concepts:

We talked about  the parts of a spider and put together a spider with an egg carton, a pom pom, and some pipe cleaner legs.  We didn’t use glue on the legs.  I poked some holes through the carton and we threaded the pipe cleaners through for the legs.  E LOVES her spider, and she dubbed him “fire-crackers”.  We don’t really know where she came up with that! 

 P1060001 P1070003


We had some Halloween fun this week.  E loved trick or treating as “Bat Tot” and she cruised around in her Tot Mobile.  This is what happens when your the only grandchild folks!!! 

P1050411 P1050421

         P1050422  P1050419

That was our week!   Remember that all of our lesson plans are on-line for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies!  Next up, Turkeys!!  Check back next week for more on that! 

Most importantly see what others are up to at 1+1+1=1.

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  1. The Bat Tot costume and Tot Mobile are way too original! Very cute!!!! Kerri