Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tot School-Safety

TotSchool2 E is 32 months

This week is tot school we learned all about the people who keep us safe, and safety.  These are just some of the things that we did this week, and you can see more pictures of our week with Madonna over at A Mommy Talks

Language Arts:
We split the week into three days and three themes.  On the first day we talked about firemen.  We used this beginning writing activity where E traced the lines between the fireman and the fire to help him put the fire out.  The first time we tried using a truck to trace, but E wasn’t feeling it, so we switched to a marker.

100_1429 100_1430

On the 3rd day of our week we worked on talking about safety.  We made this S for Safety collage with images and talked about safety.


Math Activities
Going along with our fireman theme for day 1 we made this shape fire truck to work on our shapes.  E loves using the glue stick, so we cut these out and glued the shapes down.

100_1435 100_1437

Science and Social Studies:
I found an experiment on the internet that I thought I would give a try with E.  It involved a jar candle, and we put the lid on the candle to watch the flame go out.  This is one of those moments that I look back and kind of say “WHAT WAS I THINKING????”  E didn’t get hurt, and she wouldn’t have with me, but her curiosity in fire went sky high after this activity.  Suffice it to say our candles are going to be put away for  awhile. 

100_1440 Afterwards we worked on learning “Stop, Drop, and Roll”.  I think this was a good combo!

On Safety day we read and talked about strangers.  I got this book about strangers from the Berenstien Bears.  It was a good read, and it didn’t freak E out. :)  Always a plus. 



We had a movie night this week and we watched Bolt.  We also made chili-2 alarm chili.  It was a good night, and you can read more about it here at 2 Teaching Mommies.
100_1447 100_1450

Mom’s Favorite:
We did a letter hunt for escaped letters on the day we learned about cops.  Here E was looking for her escaped letters!  How cute is she? 

Come back next week when we talk about PUMPKINS!!  All our printables are available for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies.  Most importantly check out what others are doing this week at 1+1+1=1.



  1. Mmmm, chili.

    Hopefully the novelty of the candle will soon die out.

  2. Love all the ideas you had for this week :)