Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sin and Dirty Diapers

The other day I was cleaning our upstairs bathroom.  There is a garbage can upstairs with a lid.  Its your standard bathroom fare, and our house rule is NO DIAPERS in the bathroom can.  This is done for obvious reasons.  The garbage goes out once a week.  A diaper in the can at the wrong time could be a smelly disaster. 

Last week the perfect storm occurred. 

I went to take out the garbage and, BAM!  A massive cloud of stink…

After mentally reminding myself that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks, I remedied the cause of the stink and reminded myself to give my husband a firm talking to.

My mind continued to turn.  I wondered how in the world something so disgusting could go completely undetected for so long.  I mean, I am a meticulous cleaner, and the thought of something so disgusting….

And suddenly, like God so often does, He posed a question to me.  Is my sin any different than that dirty diaper? 

How often do I like to pretend that my sin just doesn’t exist?  I mean often it looks like from the outside I have all my ducks in a row, that things are just squeaky clean.  Sometimes even I can be duped into believing in my own perfection.  Normally when this happens I uncover a dirty diaper in unexpected places, and like sin so often does, it stinks. 

We are not perfect.  Romans 10 tells us there is no one righteous, no not one.  We all have dirty diapers somewhere.  Take comfort though that  if there is someone capable of cleaning up the mess, its our Lord and Savior.

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