Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tot School-The Forest

E is 32 months

This week in tot school we learned all about the forest!  These are just some of the things we did, and you can see more pictures of our activities from Madonna, at A Mommy Talks

Language Arts:
We worked on the letter P this week.  We made this P for Pine Tree craft that is inspired by the letter creations from No Time for Flashcards.  You can use the letter P template from here, but I just used construction paper and drew the P on.  :)


In addition to working on some beginning letter sounds we read quite a few books this week.  Here are some of the books we read.

Math Concepts:
We had a lot of fun with math this week.  We started the week by sorting pine cones by their sizes.  E loves sorting, so this was a good way to start the week. 

On day 2 we counted pine trees in our pine tree count activity.  We used the matching number cards to place the right number beside the right number of trees. 

         image 100_1272

To finish out the week with math, we made this roll and graph.  In this activity we used a printable die with animal pictures on it and rolled it.  We used a marker to mark each time we rolled a particular animal.  I really thought that this might be over E’s head, but she did a great job with this, and liked using the marker to color all of our boxes. 

Social Study Concepts:
We used this plant animal sorting activity to talk about the different plants and animals you can find in the forest.  We used this EVERY day, because E wanted to sort.  :)

We made this Raccoon in the Forest after reading  Little Raccoon’s Nighttime Adventures, which is one of E’s current favorites. 

image This book has sentimental value, because a long time ago my daddy would read it to me.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can buy it out and about any longer, but keep your eyes open at thrift stores and yard sales!
100_1279 100_1282  

That was our week!  Don’t forget to go and print out all our printables (not all are seen here) for free from 2 Teaching Mommies.  As always be sure and check out what others are doing at 1+1+1=1!



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  2. Love the theme! Btw I am your newest follower!

  3. These are great! I love your sciece activity.

  4. Looks like so much fun! What a great theme!

  5. So cute! I love the little handprint forest at the end!

  6. I think this might be my favorite you've done so far. We're doing F this week and it would have been perfect. Fortunately one week of tot school generally takes us two weeks so we might have to try some of these next week. I knew there was a silver lining to being too easily sidetracked. LOL