Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tot School-The Farm

TotSchool2  E is 32 months

This week in tot school we learned all about the farm.  Here is just some of what we did this week.  You can see more of this unit at A Mommy Talks where my friend Madonna has posted about it also.  All of our lesson plans for this unit can be found at my sister site, 2 Teaching Mommies

Language Arts Concepts:
This week we worked on two letters in tot school.  Each week we try to focus on letter sounds, beginning writing, and letter recognition.  We normally use three different activities to accomplish this!   This week our beginning writing activity focused on letter formation.  We made the letter “F” for farm out of play-dough. 
100_1151 100_1152

For our letter sound we focused on “R for Rooster”.  I’ve been inspired by the letter creations you can find at No Time for Flashcards, and I made up this R  craft.  E loved gluing everything on (she is a glue stick fiend) but she kept calling it a chicken.  She even said at one point “R is for chicken”.  I resorted to constant reinforcement, and by the end of the week, R for Rooster was sticking.  :) 

Math Concepts:
Like Language Arts, we have some goals with math.  We want to try counting, number recognition, and shapes or patterns each week.  This week for shapes we made this shape tractor.  She colored the shapes and I cut them out.  We glued them on together. 

100_1155 100_1156

Social Studies and Science Concepts
For Science we worked animal recognition.  To accomplish this we made these adorable rainbow shape animals from Making Learning Fun.  After they were colored and cut out, we glued them together.  This was part of the fun!  Then we played Farmer in the Dell with the rainbow animals.  E played the part of Farmer and took all the animals. 

We then put them back because “they ran away”.  I will tell you, E loved this game.  We’ve played almost every day for a week now.  Mostly she just wants the animals to run away because that’s the part she likes to sing.  Here is a quick video of them running away.  Pardon my singing :)

This week we also took a field trip to the fair to see some farm animals.  Here are a couple of pics.  You can read the full post about it here.  
            100_1160 100_1178

Next week we will be working on a Forest Unit.  Stop back by to see what we’re up to!

So that was our week.  Be sure and check out 2 Teaching Mommies, where you can download all our lessons and printables for FREE!  Most importantly see what other are doing in tot school by visiting 1+1+1=1



  1. Love the video clip! Too cute! Looks like you all had a fun week!

  2. Looks like you had a really fun packed week. It's great that you got to see farm animals at the fair :)

  3. We are going to have a farm week coming up soon and I can't wait to use your lesson plans (slightly modified for my 25 month old). Thank you so much for all of your hard work and being such a blessing by sharing it with us!