Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tot School-Community Helpers

TotSchool2E is 32 months 

This week was a weird week for us in tot school.  We have been on vacation at the beach, so our week was condensed so we could finish it BEFORE we left on vacation.  I knew I was probably not doing Tot School when I could work on my tan. :) 

This is just part of what we did this week with our Community Helpers unit.  Madonna, over at A Mommy Talks, also taught this unit this week and has more pics of our activities.  You can download the lesson plans for FREE from 2 Teaching Mommies

Language Arts Concepts:

On the first day of our unit we worked on some beginning writing skills.  In this activity E traced the lines between the Mailman and his mailbox.  E is getting pretty good at these activities.  She was able to do the slanted lines by herself without any help from mommy! 

100_1216 100_1215

On day three of our unit we talked about the grocery store.  We used the letter G for grocery and made this G collage with pictures from our weekly ad.  Now, please remember that we were getting ready for vacation when you look at this pathetic letter G.  It was not our finest letter creation, but E got the concept, which was the important thing. :)

              100_1249 100_1252

Math Concepts:

Since our Day 1 theme focuses on the Mailman, our math activity let us count letters into a mailbox.  I skipped the printer and made this mail box out of construction paper.  I cut the mail opening out, placed over a wicker basket, and let E count letters.  We used our number cards to tell us how many letters to “deliver” and used this activity to play mailman. 

100_1226 100_1229

E is not keen on math stuff at all.  She dislikes patterns, size sorting, and counting.   When we added the element of pretend to this day E couldn’t count enough!  I think I may have stumbled upon something here!

Social Study Concepts:

We did a lot of role playing this week.  I think it helped E understand more about what these people she sees day in and day out really do.  The favorite in our house for role play was Grocery Store.  We used E’s play food, her apron, and some old grocery saks to play.  

           100_1246    100_1248

Family Movie Night:

There aren’t many movies that you can watch about mail, garbage, or the grocery.  We decided that since Wall-E was a trash collecting robot, we could watch that for movie night.  For our snack we made Trash Bag Movie Mix.  This was a real easy snack mix to make on vacation, and it went over really well with E’s uncle JJ.  You can read more about family movie night here.


Mom’s Pic of the Week

:P1050175 Since we were at the beach, I had to show off E’s fun!

That was our week!  Remember, our lessons and printables are all FREE over at 2 Teaching Mommies.  Most importantly, check out what others are doing in tot school at 1+1+1=1



  1. I love the mailbox counting idea, I'll have to try it out!

  2. The mail counting looks like something my daughter would love, she enjoys everything about the mail :)

  3. I love the mail counting. That is so cute :)

  4. I've noticed my son is way more into activities that involve pretend play as well. I will definitely have to try the mail counting one, that's a cute idea!