Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tot School-Apples

This week in tot school our unit focused on apples.  Here are just a few of the activities we did this week.  You can see more of our week by visiting Madonna over A Mommy Talks

Language Arts:

We used this Apple Letter Match to match-up upper and lower case letters.  E is getting better at recognizing lower case letters and matching them to their “mommies”. :)
100_1338 100_1340 

We used this downloadable template for building letters from Tired Need Sleep.  We cut our shapes out of foam so we could re-use them.  We are going to use them frequently because E needs some practice on these!  We only got through 2 letters, but she liked it ok! 100_1341 100_1342

Math Activities:

We used this apple tree measuring activity to measure trees with apples. 
100_1324 100_1325

We also used this roll and color game.  We rolled the dice and colored in the number of apples to match the number rolled.  100_1326 100_1327

Science and Social Study Concepts:

We used several different apples and had a taste testing session.  I labeled them, but E liked them all. 
100_1331 100_1337

In case you’re wondering, E refused to let me cut the red delicious apple into slices!  Her favorite though seemed to be the  Winesap apple because it was really sour!  She likes sour apparently! 100_1336

Well that was our week.  Next week we’ll be learning about leaves!  Be sure and come back to check it out.  Also, remember that all our lessons come from my sister site, 2 Teaching Mommies where Madonna and I post lessons and printables for FREE!  Most importantly check out what others did this week at 1+1+1=1.

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  1. Looks like a lot of yummy fun!

    I've seen those roll and count games before and I always think they look like so much fun. Except my tot is the sort who doesn't like to follow instructions so I haven't tried yet because I'm afraid we'd both be irritated by the end. LOL