Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Jam-For Real

So, I have been prepping for a mini-marathon.  If you were able to see me you would know that I AM NOT the mini-marathon type. 


I have a playlist.  On the playlist is this song….

Oh this video….It is wonderful in a way that only 80’s videos can be.   Her dress…fierce.  Can someone please explain the dancing duck?  Seriously, leave comments, and explain. 

But I digress…

When this comes on I kind of dance/walk….like Diana Ross in the Wiz. 

I walk on a busy street, so if you happen to see me bee bopping along mouthing the words, “Beep, beep, yeah”  you will know that I am in my own little world with Billy Ocean. 

My theory is that if I put this song on replay during the marathon one of two things will happen:

1) I will dance across the finish line in record time OR
2) I will go crazy and only utter the words “beep, beep” until I die, like Beeker






I am hoping for number 1 folks. 

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