Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With The Windows Down

imageWhen I was a kid I spent a countless number of hours confined to the backseat of Buick with my two brothers.  My parents were big road trippers, and we, being young and defenseless, often had little say in where we would drive and how long it would take.   Think the Griswold’s in Vacation.  That was us. 

Our Buick was NOT air conditioned.  The windows were always down, and I used to believe that if you spoke directly out the open window no one could hear what you said.  It created a mythical cone of silence in my mind, and as a kid I would take complete advantage of the cone.   I would sing out the window at the top of my lungs, convinced that no one could hear me.  I would sing Mariah Carey songs.  I would make songs up and sing them.  I just liked to sing, convinced that no one was hearing me. 

Time passed.  The Buick was traded in for a nicer car with air conditioning and the windows stayed rolled up.  I forgot about the cone of silence. Until....

One evening my family and I were reminiscing about all of the long car rides we took in the Buick.  My mom, laughing so hard she was crying, brought up my singing out the windows.  My face went beat red.  I NEVER knew that they had ALL heard me.   

"Why didn't you say anything?!"  I asked.

"We just thought you liked to sing!  You didn't know we could hear you?"  she said, and then everybody started laughing.  Everyone but me.

I found out that day that no matter how loud the wind is blowing, someone knows what is going on.  

Sometimes I think we treat our sin like singing with the windows down.  We are convinced that what we do and, don't intend for others to see or hear, stays a secret, even from our heavenly Father.  Dear one, know that God sees and hears even our darkest actions and thoughts.  They are no secret from Him, and they don't have to be.  He knows about our sin, and in grace He sent His son to take our place.  Confessing our sin brings us closer to Him, because we know that even though nothing is hidden from Him, he loves us, and whatever song we're singing, He wants to hear it.


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