Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tot School-My Home, My Family

E is 31 Months

Here is a little bit of what we did this week!  Our full unit and lesson plans can be found on my sister site 2 Teaching Mommies.   There are more pictures there, too!

Language Arts:
We worked on several things this week in tot school.  We did not focus on a specific letter, though.  We worked on this beginning spelling activity.  I printed off the spelling lids from Confessions of a Homeschooler and we worked on matching them with the names of our family members.
 100_0968 100_0969

E loves to scribble.  We tried to focus our efforts this week and worked on a beginning writing activity.  Still scribbles, but we’re moving in the “write” direction.  HA! (Horrible pun, but I couldn’t resist!)  100_0996
We also read a lot of books this week!  Here are some favorites!


One thing we worked on this week was sorting.  We sorted this printable family by sizes.  We put them in three sets to represent big, medium, and small.  E wanted to line them up, so she did!

100_0972 100_0974

Social Studies Concepts:
We talked about the routine that E has in 0ur house.  We made this Daily Routine poster with some images we got from the internet.  E remembered her nap time in our day sequence.  Mommy did not.  At least SHE knows what we’re supposed to be doing!

We also talked about the fact that our home was in a neighborhood.  We went for a walk as a family and played neighborhood bingo.  She like yelling “BINGO!” and taking a stroll around our neighborhood. 

100_1030 100_1032

Again, this is just a sampling of what we did this week.  To see some
other activities featured in the “My Family, My Home” unit you can visit Madonna at A Mommy Talks.  She co-authors 2 Teaching Mommies with me and has whole different perspective on our week and this unit. 

You can get this weeks lessons and printables here. 

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  1. You 2 teaching mommies always have a fantastic plan for the week! I really like the daily routine poster. Even at six my older child has trouble with mornings and I've been looking for a good set of routine cards to use

  2. I love the neighborhood bingo. I am going to have to try that.

  3. I love the name of your blog :) And im going to check out your giveaway!