Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tot School-The Desert

E is 32 months

This week in tot school we learned about the desert.  Here are just a few of the things we did this week.  We are using the lesson plans from 2 Teaching Mommies, my sister site.  I co-author it with Madonna from A Mommy Talks, and you can see more pictures of the activities in the unit at her blog. 

Language Arts Concepts:
This week we talked about the letter C.  We made this C for Cactus sheet and made it a sensory activity also.  I took some green construction paper and drew a cactus and a a block C on it. 100_1092100_1098
I gave E some green tempra paint that I mixed salt into.  This made it really gritty.  E used it as finger paint and covered her C and cactus with it.  After it dried I cut it our and glued it to the orange paper.  E loved the using the paint, and we talked about how a real cactus is prickly, kind of like our painted cactus was. 

Math Concepts:
We used this Desert Graphing Book and counting manipulatives to count desert animals and plants.  E really liked this, but I think it was because we used little gems as our counters.  She wanted to do it again and again!  We are going to have to use the gems more often!  100_1144 100_1146

Science Concepts:
The plan for the week was to make a sensory tub with sand so that we could talk about the desert.  We live nowhere near a desert.  It turns out that its rather difficult to find “desert” items in our environment.  Our sensory “tub” consisted of sand, sticks and rocks.  It ended up that E wasn’t interested in the rocks, and she decided the sticks were for writing.  This kept her busy for a good 40 minutes though, so I’m not complaining. :)100_1157

We explored the desert a little more through pictures.  We used this Desert Powepoint  to talk about the plants and animals you would see in the desert.  E loved it, and we used several times last week.  She liked the fact that she could control the powerpoint with the space bar.  Like any toddler, if she can do it “by self” than she is quite happy. 

We had a Desert Movie Night and made a “tumbleweeds” as a snack.  For our movie we watched “The Ballad of Little Joe” from Veggie Tales.  We also snacked on chips and salsa, one of E’s favorites.  100_1125 - Copy100_1135

Mom’s Favorite:
E doesn’t like working with patterns.  On this particular day, when we tried patterns she put her head down and proclaimed, “Patterns make me sad, Mommy.”  Needless to say,E doesn’t LOVE everything we try in tot school, and if she REALLY doesn’t like it, we stop.  I don’t have a perfect kid who smiles and laughs through every lesson!   100_1091

So, that was our week.  You can find all the lesson plans and materials we used here, at 2 Teaching Mommies.  Be sure and check out what others did this week at 1+1+1=1!

Next week we’re doing lessons about The Farm!  Come back and check them out!



  1. This is my first week linking up with Tot School. I love how you've themed everything -- I haven't tried that yet. I'm a little overwhelmed at the idea. :) As much as I hate to say computers taught my son anything, he did really enjoy patterning with this Cookie Monster game, so if your daughter is a sesame street fan, you might give it a try (not that she NEEDS to learn patterns now anyway) -
    (If that link doesn't work, it's called Check Out Cookie).

  2. There is nothing on this earth that would keep my tot interested for 40 minutes. I'm totally jealous. LOL

  3. I have a rare child indeed! She really did play and I was able to clean the entire kitchen and cook dinner while she played in sand!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting our blog! I am so glad you did because I have now found your lesson plans and they are amazing!! Thank you so much for creating them and posting them free. You and so many other mommies out there are such a blessing! Thank you.

  5. Your C for cactus turned out a·dor·a·ble!