Thursday, June 3, 2010


E has a wonderful CD of music called To Be Like Jesus that is all about the fruits of the spirit.  I confess I like listening to it as much as she does, and there is a song on it all about self control.  If there is a fruit of the spirit that I need to focus on its self control.  Tonight something happened that made me angry.  Really angry.  Venting didn’t help.  Screaming in a pillow didn’t help.  If it weren’t raining I would’ve run around the block, but I don’t think it would have helped, either. 
As I was sitting, wading in my angry little puddle, I thought of chocolate.
A few weeks back, for Mother’s Day, my sister-in-law Wendy, and I made a massive chocolate cake.  It used 3 pounds of brown sugar.  4 sticks of butter.  1 bag of chocolate chips.  It was four layers of chocolate goodness, and the icing, called for 2 pounds of baking chocolate.  While I minced the baking chocolate, the temptation proved too much for Wendy.  It looked delicious.  Now, Wendy knew that bakers chocolate is completely unsweetened, but how could something that looks so good not TASTE so good?  She reached out, grabbed a couple of chunks, and took a bite.  Looks, as it turns out, can be deceiving.  Gasping for water Wendy wanted anything to get that bitter taste out of her mouth.  Turns out that bakers chocolate was only good when we added something sweet to it. 

Anger, I believe is a little bit like bakers chocolate.  Its so appealing.  At first glance it seems like it will be so good to divulge in just a little bit of it, but like bakers chocolate, its bitter to the taste.  The only thing sweet enough to get the taste of anger out of our mouths is to feast on self control.  There is a reason its called “fruit” of the spirit: its sweet to the taste.  Isn’t it just like a woman to find her comfort in chocolate? 


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  1. some how, I've missed some of your blogs. Love catching up. You are such an incredible writer! Miss you and love you!