Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tot School Week of May 17th

E is 28 Months old
Here was our week…
We visited with some good friends of ours and went on a play-date to the bookstore followed by lunch at P.F Chang’s.  E and K had a great time playing peek-a-boo and picking up things with their chop sticks.  They continued to act goofy when we visited Toys R Us, and Snoopy was kind enough to keep them company.  I am pretty sure we broke about 30 child protection laws by letting them ride this thing, this way.  OH WELL! 
Day two of  Tot School actually had some stuff to do.  We are winding down some of our “lessons” for the summer.  E will officially begin homeschooling this fall, so we aren’t pressing too many new skills.  We really are in review mode!  I found this idea for putting tempra paint in a gallon baggie and making a paint doodler on Confessions of a Homeschooler.  E practiced writing letters on them with her finger.  Well that was the intent anyway, it ended up that I wrote the letter, she named it, and then she would scribble it out.  We had fun and the activity was a real time filler.  We spent about 40 minutes playing with a gallon baggie!!!  
100_0623 100_0626
We counted buttons again!   This is seriously one of E’s favorite things to do…its weird, but she can count up to 20 buttons now!
Finally we made this.  While it may look like an old Crystal Light container covered with stickers its really a COLOR SCOPE. :)  We took this grocery shopping and she looked for colors through the scope.  I took pictures but apparently its against store policy to take pics in store (oops!) so they asked that I delete them!    This activity really kept E busy through the grocery though.  :)
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