Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tot School week of April 25th

E is 27 months
Last week we did a couple of activities that went over pretty well in    Tot School.  These are a couple of our favorites.
We used colored pom-poms for this activity.  We sorted by color and then, using a pair of plastic tweezers (these are in our first aid kit and they fit perfectly in E’s hands) we counted the pom-poms.   E made it through the blue, purple, and part of the green, but then lost interest.  I think we used too MANY pom-poms. 
We played this game a couple of times with different objects to help with color recognition.  E LOVED it.  I grabbed some color samples from the paint section at Wal-Mart.  These Dutch Boy cards were perfect because they were solid colors.  I then grabbed some objects and put them on the couch and let Elisabeth match the colors.  We will be doing a variation on this lesson this week when we do a color scavenger hunt!  I have big plans for that one!  

100_0508 100_0507
E loves to help me cook.  We measure and do all the typical baking things, but sometimes baking with E doesn’t yield a pleasant result so I pulled a fast one on her this week.  E made brownies for daddy.  I made the brownie mix and put it in a pan, but then put Nes-Quick in the brownie box.  E counted out scoops of “brownie mix” and added water.  She got to stir to her hearts content.  We mixed it and put in a pan.  As she was washing her hands I did the switcheroo with her brownies and the mix in the oven.  She was none the wiser and was really proud of her brownies!!  
I saw this activity on-line, but I didn’t note the source.  We put some flour on a baking sheet and I gave her a paintbrush.  SHE LOVED THIS.  It kept E entertained for an hour.  It was a tad messy, but not anymore messy than play dough or finger painting.  We practiced “writing” the number one and drawing squiggles.  We are working on fine motor skills and this was  a good intro into using an implement to write.  
That was our week!  Be sure to check out what others did at 1+1+1=1!

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