Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meadows in the Making

I saw this poster today and I just stared at it.  As I did, I didn’t think of Teamwork, I thought of Bob Ross.  Do any of your remember Bob Ross?  He was the host of “The Joy of Painting” on public television.  He painted “happy trees”, “happy rocks”, and  “happy mountains”.  My brother and I would sometimes stumble upon his show while we were at my grandmas.
Bob was fun to watch painting because you really didn’t know what he was going to do.  He would look at the camera and say “Hey friend, why don’t we paint a happy mountain?”  He then would take his paint tray, mix a couple of colors and slap oil paint on the canvas with a paint scraper. I remember that Bob always started with the darkest colors first.  He would take green and mix it with black to paint a meadow, which always looked to me like a dark muddy swamps at first.  Sometimes the mountains he painted looked like big black triangles, but then Bob would go back and add in lighter colors.  He would add in light green over the dark swampy mess, or grey over the black triangle and low and behold…a meadow kissed by sun, or a snowy mountain towering above and lonely stream.   It was amazing to sit back and watch Bob make something from literally nothing.  It really did give you joy and a “Oooo, neat!” kind of feeling. 

I think our lives, in God’s hands, are a little like a Bob Ross painting.  Sometimes we look at God and we say, “Uh, God, this canvas is full of dark green spots and big black triangles.  What ARE YOU DOING?”    But God, in His wisdom, knows exactly where and when to put some light in our lives, doesn’t He.  What we see as dark masses without meaning he sees as our green meadows and mountain tops.  He carefully paints color upon color in our lives, and sometimes we miss the joy he’s painting.    We miss the “Ooo, neat!” kind of feeling because if we’re honest, we just don’t trust that God has any idea what He’s painting.  Fellow canvas, just know that our creator doesn’t make mistakes.  You are His pinnacle of creation, and there isn’t a single one of us that He is not actively making into a masterpiece.  Trust His hand.  Trust His eyes.  Trust that every stroke of dark paint in your life is meadow in the making.image

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