Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leap Frog: Math Circus

We TRY not to let E watch too much TV.  This, we have found, is easier said than done.  I will be honest, so you other mommies out there will QUIT beating yourself up…E WATCHES TOO MUCH TV.  That being said, we try to find shows that will be educational or edifying to E. 
We bought Leap Frog: Letter Factory per the endorsement of A Mommy Talks.  I’m very impressed with how much E has learned from it, so we went and got Leap Frog: Math Circus.  We are equally thrilled. 
In Math Circus, Leap, Lilly, and Tad visit, you guessed it, the Math Circus.  At the circus numbers and “quidgets” (think animated counting cubes) do trapeze stunts to perform addition and subtraction.  Its a great introduction to early math concepts and a review of the number E is learning (0-10). 
Leap Frog videos walk the line between being educational and entertaining.  E will request the videos, and we feel a little less guilty about letting her watch when she’s LEARNING something.  If you’re looking for something that will go a little farther than Dora, Diego, or Mickey, check out Leap Frog.   

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