Monday, May 10, 2010


Last Wednesday I was driving home from church and on the side of the road I saw a wallet.  What caught my attention about this particular wallet was the fact that it wasn’t alone on the side of the road: it was accompanied by several dollar bills.  It was obvious the wallet had been lost, and I turned the car around to go pick up what I could.  It was minutes later, but by the time I got back to the wallet it was gone. 
I kept driving, saddened that I didn’t get to save the day, but hopeful that someone else did.  Then I saw it, on the opposite side of the road, alone and empty.  I stopped and picked it up, knowing that the dollar bills that had once called it home were padding someone else’s pockets.  Jeff and I called the man it belonged to and apologized that it had happened.  He and his girlfriend seemed slightly relieved that none of the credit cards or the social security card were taken.  I however was really upset by the whole thing.

Jeff didn’t understand why I was so upset.  It was true that we had done everything we could, but I guess what really was getting me down was the fact that there were people out there who would take something they knew wasn’t theirs.  It seems silly, and it seems like a lesson that I should have learned and grown accustomed to long ago, but it doesn’t make it any easier to get over.

Anne Frank was said, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”  I admire Anne’s optimism, but she’s wrong.  We aren’t good at heart.  Scripture teaches us that we are sinful, disgusting, creatures and that the only good in us comes from Christ.  That mean’s we can’t be surprised, or upset, when unbelievers live like unbelievers.  It also means that we can’t be surprised when believers stumble.  We are depraved creatures, who save for the blood of Christ, have no opportunity of redemption.  It is true that we live in a fallen world, but we are the light of the world as believers.  We are the best this worlds got, and God, in His wisdom, put us here to do what we could do.  We cannot be discouraged, we just have to continue doing what’s right, one wallet at a time. 
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