Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tot School Recap-March

                                            E is 26 months old

So I have been kicking myself for Tot School, or the lack of Tot School, for the entire month of March.  I really don’t know what happened!  Our month has been crazy…and its taken its toll on me!  We did activities, but our schooling lacked the structure we had established in January and February.  Those of you following the blog have probably noticed that the blogs have been fewer and farther between.
 A few things I’m seeing though, I thought I would share….

1. Tot School changes the way I interact with E.  While I try to set aside a set time to do learning play with E, I’ve noticed our activities go all day long, and aren’t confined to the house. 

2.  It isn’t worth stressing over the plans.  Plans have to change!  We’re working with toddlers here!

3. If Tot School ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing. :)

4. Some days Tot School doesn’t happen.  Let it go, and move on.

5. We’re using a LOT of printer ink. :)  

I know that some of you already know these things,  I mean these aren’t Earth shattering revelations here.  I personally have just had to encourage myself here lately.  The main benefit and reason for Tot School isn’t to show off E’s latest tricks to the world wide web.  She loves Tot School because we spend time together, and I hope that is what she remembers. 
                       Here is a pic of our Easter Egg Hunt! 
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